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Hope In Ukraine

Providing heat, food, and shelter is our main focus this winter.

With the cold winter already here, many families have found themselves in a severe shortage of food and proper heating.

Leaving them in a cold environment without supplies or heat is an unbearable situation…

Today, we will show you how Rabbi Nochum Tamarin helps Hundreds of Ukrainian families survive the war through his dedication and vital work.

Ever since the war broke out, Rabbi Tamarin has been in contact with thousands of Jewish families throughout small villages in Ukraine, that desperately need our help!

First, Rabbi Tamarin was able to deliver firewood to families that do not have electricity, which was cut during the effects of the war.

He was also able to provide food, medicine, and warm clothing to wear, making it a more sustainable situation to survive the winter.

Rabbi Nochum Tamarin also had the opportunity to celebrate Hannukah, lighting the menorah and spreading the miracle of Hanukkah helped lift up the spirits of the Ukrainian Citizens. Even with the war raging, Rabbi Nochum Tamarin is still encouraging them to continue living a happy Jewish life in abundance.

Unfortunately, not all villages are in a position of mental support as well as supplies to properly survive the winter.

Today, we continue to provide the Jewish families that are within reach, with clothing and food in order to survive the winter from the effects of the war.

However, there are still many families out of reach that need our help!

There is still hope, and It is our duty to save the Jewish Souls…


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